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One of the most significant albums our time…Lemonade. Even after almost one year, Lemonade continues to make significant waves of influence within the culture of African American women. Writer & Experience Enthusiast, Antres Finnie, Creator of The Robot Rebel, continues to create innovative and cutting edge events that bring W.O.C together to celebrate their purpose and engage in dialogue that goes below the surface. For our second event, you are invited to experience a transformative and reflective conversation about Lemonade’s impact in the lives of women of color. Guests are welcomed to share ways in which Lemonade may have impacted their own life as an African-American woman. This is one girl chat you don’t want to miss! Come out! We look forward to offering you a beautifully crafted conversation that celebrates, love, life, and Lemonade’s impact a year later.  

*Tickets available at, search “A Lemonade Refill”*

“The Why: It’s important for me to share with my audience how Lemonade inspired me to create  my blog space The Robot Rebel and show up bigger in my life.  I began to question my own reality. The truth is… I wasn’t living. Here I was, willingly, stuck in a “situationship” with my ex-boyfriend for eight years, living a life on repeat, and having redundant conversations. Then April of 2016, Lemonade drops and my entire world was changed. I decided to go after my dreams and live out loud being unapologetically me! I am not interested in living a robotic or unrewarding life. I am a Rebel, who does things her own way and moves forward in a life that is fully unexpected and outside the box. Follow me on Instagram  @TheRobotRebel and be sure to sign up for your Rebel Newsletter at” – Antres Finnie, Writer/ Experience Enthusiast/Creator of The Robot Rebel.

Photo Credits: Beyonce & Lemonade Visual Album



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