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The Robot Rebel Presents … A Lemonade Refill Girl Chat about Life, Love, and Lemonade –

So there I was sitting in my living room almost a year ago, eating a plate of coconut collard greens, and a rush of emotions came pouring from the television pounding me in my face with the slow, melancholy song that is Pray You Catch Me, This was the point at which I knew this album wouuld change the direction my life of my entire life!

So what direction you say? Well to keep it short a sweet… DENIAL, ANGER, and BITTERNESS because I couldn’t seem to understand why I was having such a hard damn time letting a past relationship go. Along with relationship truths, I also was forced to face issues within my own family that I just swept under a rug, like a robot on straight auto-pilot. On another note however, almost a year later from that moment on my couch, I created my blog space, The Robot Rebel, learned how to love myself and hosted my second experience, a #LemonadeRefill. This was an absolutely amazing EXPERIENCE, that you would have had to have had to experience for your self! I felt it was so necessary to not allow the brilliance of this album to be placed on a shelf of “last years” news. So I created t#LemonadeRefill to ensure we as Women of Color continue ot have the conversation about redemption, love, honesty, and so on. I wanted this event to be open, honest and supportive. We had women from all over share personal experiences about their childhood, families, relationships, and any personal lemons that they were carrying and/or still may be struggling with. As so eloquently put by, Nicole Garner Scott Serial Entrepreneur of Atlanta, ” With the use of transparency, A Lemonade Refill discussed trusting yourself, not being afraid to grow, and gaining a deeper understanding of self. What a MONUMENTAL album by non other than Beyonce herself, and a hell of a groundbreaking event, brought you by none other than The Robot Rebel herself!

I am in such awe of this amazing opportunity to inspire women with my story,

With gratitude I say, THANK YOU!


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