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The Why Story?  – It’s important for me to share with my audience why I created The Robot Rebel.  Most of the reason behind the name Robot Rebel and it’s creation are the following things: I chose to show up bigger in my life and begin to question all the robotic shit I was doing. From booking those dreadful long ass hair appointments every two weeks, stale movie/dinner dates (“Let me have a glass of water no ice add lemon, blah, blah”), working for the weekend, being more concerned about what was on TV than what was actually happening in my own life, obsessing over all things Kardashians and housewives, and “OH”, not to mention being stuck in a “situationship” with my ex-boyfriend for eight years (Read more about that, with The Story Behind The Robot Rebel Parts I II – I mean I really struggled with getting over that entire pathetic experience of a relationship).  Let me be clear… I did put myself through the ringer with him willingly and I have greatly learned from my decisions, insert my favorite hashtags #SelfLove and #SelfDiscovery. So any who…one year later, I am a living my dreams out loud and being myself unfiltered, I invite you to do so too!


So Who is Antres Finnie, The Robot Rebel? So let’s just break it on down: If you want to roll with me, put on your fawking seat belts, kibosh the fearful and insecure *ish, and know that it’s going to be one hell of a JOYFUL ride! Instant vibe killers for me: fear, doubt, worry, negativity, and unnecessary judgement. I don’t like to analyze sisters that come into my space. We are all on a journey and nobody is perfect. I flourish and shine the most when I have room to breathe, (TOTAL GEMINI!) Kendrick Lamar is my life partner, homie, best friend, and soulmate, lol! Me on paper, I hold a Business Degree in Marketing, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Atlanta native, and all around CERTIFIED dope African-American woman. I am a Blogger, Writer, and Experience Enthusiast. Why those things you ask? I own this very blog space you are on (which I like to label a “Digital Diary”. It’s totally a simple space for a complicated person) , I contribute articles to, and I have offered and created two very unique and special events, Paint Her REBEL-ution and A Lemonade Refill: a Girl Chat about Love, Life, & Lemonade. Oh, and if you don’t want to miss out on the next Robot Rebel Experience, you might want to sign up for The Robot Rebel emails! I am in the process of writing my very first book, producing my own talk show/tv network, and booking public speaking engagements (YES, THE BOLDNESS IS REAL!). I serve as a proud Board Member of the BeyHive (bzzz, bzzz) and I don’t eat meat or dairy. What’s sexier than honoring your temple? Insert my favorite hashtags #SelfLove and #SelfDiscovery. Anywho,  I enjoy dabbling here and there with all things “trivial” and “worldly” every now and again (music, sports, politics, pop culture, world news, astronomy, movies, acting, animals, magic, mystery, travel, etc.) I pretty much stay curious and adventurous all the time. I’m not the person reading the directory in the Mall, I would rather enjoy the journey and find my way. I can be in a group, but most likely will enjoy roaming solo and freely (I have no issues with seeing a movie solo btw). I don’t consider my cell phone to be a vital organ. I can sing (ok, more like on Broadway) and In my past life I was on Broadway, a Hollywood Actress, Dancer, and a Movie Producer/Director/Cinematographer. Maybe even a DJ too! In a nutshell, I am not interested in living a robotic and unrewarding life #NoBotBehavior. I am a Rebel. I do things my own way darling, and invite you to do the SAME!


So what is The Robot Rebel’s mission you ask? The truth of the matter, I want women to break away from the script, break all the damn rules, and get out the box! Fight to be free from all the shit that blocks your purpose and bores you! It’s time to squash the thousands of programs we have downloaded over many generations. “That’s crazy!” “Girl, don’t travel by yourself.!” “Girl, don’t quit your job without securing another one first! (ok well in maybe in a sense, at least have a plan, lol.)”  any who …the list goes on and on. Stop just existing and being so freaking afraid. Start questioning your own reality. Break away from the pack of “robots” and become your very own REBEL.

Rebel on,

Antres, Creator of The Robot Rebel


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